Mt Garfield Software LLC

The Book Tracker

This database provides the ability to track the books in your library. You will be able to track what books you have read and when, as well as what books have been loaned out, when, and to whom they were loaned.

The trial version can be downloaded from this web site if you have Access 2007 or later on your computer. It can then be converted to a fully operational version with the use of a registration password. The password will be transmitted via email upon remittance of a $30 (US currency) registration fee. Alternatively, a CD may be obtained from us via the e-mail icon below.

The program is distributed without any expressed warranty and the user assumes all responsibility in conjunction with its use. If the user desires any database modifications, they will be considered and possibly made at a mutually agreeable cost.

Microsoft Access

NOTE: If you do not have Access 2007 or Access 2007 Run-time, you can download and install a free copy of the Access 2007 run-time files by clicking here.