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Ministry Donors Database

This database has been developed to maintain supporters' records. The database provides for multiple designations (both monetary and prayer support), mailing lists, donor records, and various reports and letters.

The free trial version can be downloaded from this web site if you have MS Access 2002 or later on your computer. Alternatively, a CD may be obtained by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The trial version is fully operational but limited to five records. This limitation can be removed with the use of a registration password. The password will be transmitted via email upon remittance of a $39 USD registration fee. This fee entitles you to free upgrades to newer versions. However, any customization of the database will incur additional charges.

The program is distributed without any expressed warranty and the user assumes all responsibility in conjunction with its use. If the user desires any database modifications, they will be considered and possibly made at a mutually agreeable cost.

Database features:

  1. Deposit Summary Report - A list of the donations entered for a single day, e.g. the day that the donations were entered to match against a day's deposits.
  2. One Time Donor's Report - A listing of donors giving only one time. Lists by designation (Each designation on a separate page.)
  3. CPA Donor Report - Lists total donations per donor over specified amount for specified time period.
  4. Donation Detail for Specified Time Period - Displays donation details per donor listed by designation for specified time period.
  5. Donation Detail for Specified Designation and Time Period - Displays donation details per donor for specified designation and time period.
  6. Donor/Pledge Start Date Report - Lists donor, city, state, designation, donor start date, pledge start date, and date donor was added to database.
  7. Pledgers list - Lists by designation (Each designation on a separate page.): pledger name, address, phone, monthly pledge, pledge start date, and last donation date and amount.
  8. Supporters list - Lists by designation (Each designation on a separate page.): supporter's name, address, phone, and whether or not they are a donor.
  9. Prayer partner list - Lists by designation (Each designation on a separate page.): prayer partner's name, address and phone.
  10. Labels - Mail-merge to MS Word to print labels for donation thank you letters, all pledgers, or year-end statements, all individuals, churches or organizations.
  11. Letters - Mail-merge names to MS Word for thank-you letters and letters to new pledgers. These should be printed on ministry letterhead.
  12. Year-end statements - lists all donations for selected year. This is set up for use on ministry letterhead.


Microsoft Access

NOTE: If you do not have Access 2007 or Access 2007 Run-time, you can download and install a free copy of the Access 2007 run-time files by clicking here.